The Name-giver:

      GYÖRGY FERENCZY (1902 – 1983)

A distinguished artist. An acknowledged interpreter of Chopin’s, Schumann’s, Schubert’s and Scarlatti’s oeuvres.

An eminent personality of the XX-th century Hungarian cultural life. He was a brilliant pianist instructed others by student of Ferenc Liszt: István Thomán as well as Ernő Dohnányi and Leó Weiner, instructions that were to be given to several outstanding artist (such as his student: György Cziffra – deceased by now). His followers have beenand still are spreading a musical culture that is based on Liszt traditions not only in Hungary but also all over the world. Since 1920 he gave concerts regularly in nearly all European countries and significant cities. From 1947 onwards he was a teacher at the Ferenc Liszt Music Academy, becoming a department leader at the same institute in 1958. He was also the chief leader of a piano master training in Salzburg as well as member of the jury at plenty of international piano competitions. In addition, he was a beloved and popular member of various associations of artists. Last but not least, a European champion of bridge in 1938, and a silver medalist in 1935.