• 22-24 November 2002.

National György Ferenczy Centenary Piano Competition

                       In honour of the 100th anniversary of his birth.

Entered : 280 competitors.

The auditions were continuing in two places, by th assistance of two jurys.

The jury of the competition:   

                                    the co-chairmen:  ECKHARDT GÁBOR - pianist

                                                                         prof. JAN JANSKI - pianist - Poland

                                    members:   ERKEL TIBOR - pianist

                                                           SZELECSÉNYI NORBERT - pianist

                                                           ASZALÓS TÜNDE - expert of education

                                                           KOVÁCS KÁLMÁNNÉ - school adviser

                                     professional secretary - PAPP KÁROLYNÉ


(a fénykép helye)